Upgrading Hydrangea by HiBreeding

Permanently upgrading the Hydrangea assortment
Hydrangea has been hugely popular as both a house plant and garden plant, and for many years. To consolidate that status, innovation is indispensable. Consumers are mainly triggered by new varieties. Varieties that don’t just offer more of the same, but that positively enhance the assortment. HiBreeding aims to play an important role in renewing the Hydrangea range.

Combining activities to achieve more clout
By combining our breeding and propagation activities, we will increase our clout. Both parties are contributing their expertise; not just as breeders, but also as growers and traders. Our comprehensive overview of the entire chain helps us to identify new trends more quickly. Trends that are then absorbed into our breeding policy.

Only the best varieties are good enough   
Every year, thousands of seedlings grow and develop under professional conditions. But just a handful of varieties cross the finish line after a process of around eight years. At that point, a variety will have withstood the severest selection procedure imaginable. Among various criteria we apply are aspects such as firmness, longevity, re-blooming and flower head size.

We aim to create varieties that are more compact and therefore require less growth regulators. Low water consumption and rooting power are other important aspects.

A blooming future
The Hi-potentials that remain each year have a vibrant future ahead of them. Usually in limited numbers through fellow growers, in other cases as a specialty with Sjaak van Schie B.V. and The Mastergrowers.