Hydrangea brought

us together
HiBreeding is a new name. But one with a long history. HiBreeding combines the many years of experience and expertise of two well-known names in the sector: Sjaak van Schie B.V. and The Mastergrowers. As two specialists on Hydrangeas, we know each other, and respect each other. And we share a passion for a product that still has so much unexplored potential. Potential to drive innovation. As partners within HiBreeding, we are active throughout the chain.

About Sjaak van Schie B.V.
Sjaak van Schie B.V. is specialised in the cultivation and propagation of both half-finished and finished products. Thanks to our own propagation centre in Portugal, we can cultivate independently of all climate conditions. In Maasdijk, Sjaak van Schie B.V. grows Hydrangea as a garden plant, with pot sizes of 14 centimetre and larger. The company is one of Europe’s biggest suppliers in this range.

About The Mastergrowers
The Mastergrowers resulted from the merger of Dijk van Dijk and De Bonfut, both specialised in growing Hydrangea. Dijk van Dijk’s breeding activities stretch back to 2009, when Leen van Dijk – already an experienced breeder – decided to concentrate on Hydrangea. At De Lier we have ideal facilities to breed new varieties. But The Mastergrowers is also a production firm, specialised in Hydrangea as a house plant with pot sizes of 8, 10, 12 and 14 centimetre.

A unique market player
It is especially the combination of specialisations and expertise that makes HiBreeding stand out in the market. Our buyers can be found throughout the chain, from growers to retailers, garden centres and florists. Our familiarity with all aspects of cultivation and sales enables us to breed efficiently, with a consistent focus on aspects that are important to growers and buyers.

Our drive to innovate runs throughout all our activities. Our collaboration in HiBreeding enables us, as independent companies, to have an increasing impact on the market. This way, we can guarantee a vibrant future for a product with such a long history in horticulture.