HiBreeding Hydrangea innovation

HiBreeding is a new name
But one with a long history. HiBreeding combines the many years of experience and expertise of two well-known names in the sector: Sjaak van Schie B.V. and The Mastergrowers. As two Westland-based growers, we know each other, and respect each other. And we share a passion for a product that still has so much unexplored potential.

We Innovate

for the future of Hydrangea
Popular as a house plant and as a garden plant. Innovation captures attention.

We Breed

talented new varieties
We are active throughout the whole chain from grower to consumer. Hereby we know exactly what our consumers want.

We Choose

only the best quality
New varieties await a strict selection process. We choose only the most durable and strongest varieties for our selections.

We Believe

in unlimited possibilities
It’s a fascinating product, Hydrangea.
A product that colours people's lives.

We Grow

with ambition
Taking the market forward. With varieties that have the future.

We together

Two prominent parties in the world of Hydrangea joined forces. With HiBreeding, Sjaak van Schie B.V. and The Mastergrowers aim to make Hydrangea even more distinctive.

With varieties that will continue to tempt consumers. Developed by breeders with vision.